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Psoriasis – a skin disorder as disfiguring as it is uncomfortable and hard to look upon.

My psoriasis began in the nineteen seventies with an itchy scalp. The itch was soon followed by uncontrollable scratching and weeping sores which produced a fine shower of silvery flakes of dead skin cells. These piles of flakes were a constant reminder, if any reminder were necessary, of where you had been or slept. Thankfully my psoriasis stayed restricted to my scalp alone for several years. It was treated by prescriptions of betnovate and coal tar shampoos which controlled the condition for about a week at the start of treatment until the cycle of itch, rash, scratching and flaking skin began again – getting less easy to control with each appearance. It soon became a part of my daily life. It stayed on my scalp for some time and then began to invade my torso, arms and legs – patches of dry, flaking, bleeding sores which got bigger and angrier with each passing month. My doctor sent me to the skin department of my local hospital as an out-patient where I met a different and often diffident doctor on each visit who made no secret of the fact that they had not read my previous case notes nor had much interest in what to their eyes was unsightly, not infectious, and incurable. I began sneaking a look at my case notes while I was waiting for the doctor to examine me and began to realize that their creams and lotions had such side effects, which may have been acceptable, had they been effective for more than a day or two. I abandoned orthodox treatment soon after in favour of ‘alternative’ practices.

Under homeopathic treatment the weeping sores which covered my skin dried up, the itch lessened and my energy levels began to rise. However, even after some years of treatment the patches refused to release their hold on my body. It was recommended I begin Traditional Chinese Medicine. After an introductory chat, examination and kidney and liver function test, I began treatment at the Hui Chun Clinic which is situated at 54 Hill Street Glasgow. Dr Chen who runs the clinic prescribed mixtures of Chinese herbs, roots stalks, leaves and minerals. The herbs are cooked in water and drunk as a most unpalitable ‘tea’ twice a day. Dr Chen used acupuncture as part of his treatment of my condition. As the psoriasis began to lessen its grip the herbal decoction was boiled and drunk less often. As a result of this treatment the psoriasis left my body. I have had clear normal looking skin for four months now. I go swimming regularly with my son who since his birth eleven years ago never seen me in a public swimming pool. I sometimes still waken in the morning and remember with great sadness how my skin had been and how the tell-tale sighs of my condition had left those little piles of shed skin cells on the bed clothes.

I will forever be indebted to Dr Chen for his understanding, patience and dedication. I would truly recommend Traditional Chinese Medicine as practiced by Dr Chen for the treatment of psoriasis. The telephone number of the clinic is 041 332 1302

William M Crouch
14 October 1994

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