9 November 1998
Dear Sirs
TCM and the Process of Change

Myself and colleague have experienced severe forms of acne. We decided to write because we now feel we are on the road to recovery and feel it important to let other sufferers know, that no matter how severe their condition, there is a way forward with Dr Wei-Xiong Chen. Dr Chen practices Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from the Hui Chun Clinic in Hill Street, Glasgow. TCM is a completely natural health system, where therapies such as herbal medicine, acupuncture and massage are used to treat imbalance in the body. We are both taking herbal medicines prescribed by Dr Chen and thanks to him and the body’s innate ability to heal itself, are recovering from this distressing disease. The Chinese herbal medicine we take consists of dry herbs which are boiled in water and then drunk as a ‘tea’ with this treatment complemented by herbal creams to apply on affected areas. Advice is also given on diet. We are living examples that this treatment works. Not only has it been effective in treating our acne symptoms but, as a holistic form of treatment, has actualized other improvements in both body and mind. Although acne is usually associated with adolescence, we are adults in our thirties and have only recently started to suffer from acne. We describe our experience in turn. I (Gary) came to Dr Chen after experiencing distress and discomfort from painful lumps, skin irritation and inflammation on my face. There was also a marked deterioration in the quality of my skin. After only the first or second week of taking the herbal medicine, the pain and redness cleared completely. My case (Pauline) was even more severe, diagnosed by consultant dermatologists as a variant form of acne. The condition erupted suddenly in January of this year with my face becoming completely distressed with concentrated swollen and infected pustules which are at times so painful that I could not sleep and at one time so physically restricting that I found it difficult to eat. I initially took antibiotics which after several months helped to improve my condition but after coming off them , the acne returned with a vengeance and spread to other arrears of my face. Throughout this time, I received a great deal of support from my GP, but after much thought I felt that I could not accept what conventional medicine had to offer and in the end I refused the combination of antibiotics, oral steroids and Roaccutane prescribed by the Consultant dermatologist. I am so glad I made this decision for I know it was the right one. After six weeks of treatment from Dr Chen, the surface of my skin became flat, the inflammation cleared up and the pustules had gone. Now, after four months the redness is gradually receding. The Roaccutane and other drugs I could so easily have taken, would I feel, have introduced even more toxins into my already diseased system. Because of our experience, we had great confidence in TCM, particularly in Dr Chen, and if any of you reading this suffer form acne or any other skin condition, we would encourage you to take this path. We only met through Dr Chen and so during this time it has been helpful for us to share our experiences and lend each other the support which so benefits the healing process.

Garry McGrath

Pauline Graham

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