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From. Kim Seung jo

Dear Dr. Chen , my name is Kim Seung Jo, I’m an Olympic taekwondo athlete from South Korea. I graduated from Pung Saeng High School in South Korea 3 years ago, I am a Korean Marine Corps graduate and currently finishing my degree in Taekwondo at Chosun Univeristy.
I am here in Scotland to help develop the Scotland National team and the level of Taekwondo at Caledonian Taekwondo Health & Fitness in Anniesland.(www.caledoniantkd.com)

I injured my knee during training and was in a lot of pain. In Korea we have many Chinese Acupuncturists so I was very happy to find you in Glasgow. After three treatments with you, my knee is now fine and I’m totally pain free, I can go back to training and helping develop the young people of Scotland. I will remember forever your kindness, professional care and understanding. I would recommend all people, including the growing Scottish Korean community, to come to you for specialist treatment.

Wishing you good health and happiness Kim Seung Jo.

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