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Moira Withers 20/08/09

In 2000 I was diagnosed as having an overactive thyroid (Grays Disease) and directed to the Nuclear Dept. of the Royal infirmary. I was due to have a hip replacement revisal and the surgeon recommended treatment prior to any surgery. I discovered there is no cure in Western Medicine for this condition. The treatment is a radioactive drink to kill the thyroid and then a dependency on thyroxin for the rest of life and to deal with the side effects that this drug treatments.

I looked for another way, read as much about the condition as possible and decided that Chinese Medicine would be my choice.

I was recommended to see Dr Chen. At the hospital I was regarded to ‘the disease’. Dr Chen treated me as a person who was not in balance and commenced to bring the active system into balance. Within a few weeks the debilitating symptoms lifted and disappeared and energy and well being returned. Dr Chen treated me for over a year and then I returned to the Royal Infirmary to have blood checks etc. prior to surgery they advised ‘I was in the middle of land of normality’.

It is now 2009 and no symptoms have returned. Western Medicine still has no cure for this condition but Dr Chen’s Traditional Chinese Medicine has totally cured it.

There are many Doctors but there is only one Dr Chen and he has my respect and gratitude. Simply you are the best!

Thank you Dr Chen for ‘returning me to Spring’.

With thanks and blessings

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